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Fluoride & Water: Too Much Bottled Water Harming Kid’s Teeth?

Posted by: Categories: Health Tips
April 18th, 2017
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With more and more Americans using less and less tap water, a lack of fluoride could be a real concern. How many water bottles do you and your family buy in a year? How much is too much? Ensuring that children get fluoride from a young age is very important. Most brands of bottled water aspire to have a ‘clean’ feel, but some lack the key ingredient in tap water that keeps children from developing tooth decay.

Why Fluoride?

Fluoride’s main goal is to help diminish the dental decay that leads to cavities and oral diseases. Fluoride is said to “strengthen tooth structure while also inhibiting the bacteria’s capacity to produce acid from sugars.”

Fluoridated Water?

We all should consume H2O everyday in order to maintain a healthy balanced diet and rid our bodies of bad toxins. Studies have found that if you fluoridate your regular water consumption you will reduce your risk for oral health problems. Although there is no current research that confirms that bottled water is a direct cause of tooth decay, the fluoride-filled tap water in America is said to statistically “reduce tooth decay by 25%.” If you and your family mainly drink bottled water, consider starting your child on a fluoride rinse to help prevent the development of cavities. Note that fluoridated rinses are suggested for children ages 6 and older.

If you have any individual questions regarding which water is better, how to get more fluoride into your daily routine, or questions about how much is safe, ask your local Randolph, NJ dentist and/or set up a time to talk with them to discuss this. Your dentist may also prescribe fluoridated toothpaste that allows you to get a healthy dose while brushing your teeth should drinking fluoridated tap water not be an option.


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